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Founded in 1991 by Sister Margaret Sheetz, Beatitude House opened in Youngstown, Ohio. Through a generous donation, a Tudor-style home was gifted to Beatitude House where the original 4 families were housed. Sister Margaret’s vision was to provide educational opportunities to those bound in the cycle of poverty and homelessness and that mission continues over 30 years and to surrounding areas of Northeast Ohio. Beatitude House, sponsored by the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown, is committed to all disadvantaged women and children. By creating homes, providing educational opportunities and fostering healthy families, we provide them with opportunities to transform their lives.

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  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

Beatitude House offers three main programs. A permanent supportive housing program provides stable housing for 37 individuals and families in Mahoning County and 10 additional units of Transitional Housing are offered in Ashtabula. Housing programs serve those who are homeless and living in the cycle of poverty, and provides a safe, affordable, and fully-furnished apartment in addition to case management services. They provide connection to local resources to eliminate barriers including; financial education; improving mental, emotional and physical health; employment and education; assistance with parenting education; enhancing the well-being of the children; and promoting a stable household.

To further the mission, housing services expanded to include the Immigrant Outreach program that offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and outreach services to non-native English speakers to acclimate to their new culture.

In 2017, the Ursuline Sisters Scholars program was adopted to assist low-income students with the opportunity to achieve post-secondary education, by focusing on scholar support & educational advocacy; financial assistance; personal & professional development opportunities; and mentorship.

Integrated in all of our programs is a child wellness initiative, where program directors assess children’s needs, offer resources, and provide direct interventions to improve their mental, emotional, physical, social wellbeing.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

Our Scholars program expanded in Trumbull County by opening a new location in proximity to the Kent State Trumbull and TCTC students we serve. This allows a stronger presence on-campus to recruit new students and potential mentors. The new location will foster more support amongst our students, who are mostly first-generation college students, living in poverty, or single parents. As we reestablish our agency and grow a larger donor base, any additional funding assistance is appreciated as we impact more lives in Trumbull County. COVID continues to negatively impact our ability to fundraise with the cancellation of our largest fundraiser.

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