The Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County, as the single organization designed to meet the specific needs of violence victims, provides trauma informed, outcome based services to anyone needing help. Our mission statement says it all: The Crisis Shelter of Lawrence county empowers and advocates for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. We inspire and educate citizens to create safer communities and break the cycle of violence.

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  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

The Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County provides the following services to all victims of violence utilizing Trauma Informed Care techniques and proven outcome based programs and curriculums.
Advocacy: Legal advocacy include assisting victims with care during interviews with police, preparing statements, helping to explain courtroom procedures, etc. Medical Advocacy includes assisting victims during hospital and doctor visits, and during the collection of rape kits for prosecution.
Victims receive help writing their impact statements, preparing safety plans and providing education to family and friends. We provide trainings throughout the county at schools, colleges, workplaces, churches, etc.

Therapies: Licensed therapists as well as Master Levels Counselors utilizing outcome based therapies are provided free of cost to both adults and children.

Residential Services are provided in three ways. Mass Shelter is provided on an emergency bases to anyone needing safety from violence. Transitional Housing consists of 4 fully furnished apartments on site, and provide stays up to 1 year in length. Again, safety is the main reason for a client placement in a transitional unit. Finally we recently receive monies that permits us to help pay rent costs for up to 22 units at a time for no more than 1 year.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

Our agency, considered first responders to victims of violence, remained open and operating during the entire Covid-19 pandemic months. Because stressful times is most often a cause for a spike in Domestic Violence incidents, we worked hard to make sure all of our services were offered to those who were in need via telehealth and cell phones.

In order to assure everyone' safety, our mass shelter space was moved to a couple local hotels which, as you can imagine, was costly.

Finally all our fundraisers were cancelled leaving us without the expected $100,000.