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Our mission is to engage, inspire and empower youth to reach their full potential through education and exposure to life-changing experiences. Our vision is to see every student graduate high school, complete college or a vocational school and become strong, successful members of our society. And our goal is to inspire youth to discover their passions and equip them with the tools needed to pursue them.

We provide free, high quality after school and summer youth enrichment programming that focuses on five areas of impact: Education, College & Career Readiness, Health & Wellness, Personal Development, and Exposure to New Experiences.

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Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

Donations to Inspiring Minds through “Giving Week” helps create equity and will support our Summer Youth Enrichment program that provides an engaging 6-week experience for more than 300 youth in grades 3-12 who live in the Warren, Ohio area. Many families would not be able to pay for similar experiences for their children otherwise, thus widening the achievement gap between lower income and better off children.

IM eliminates barriers to participation by providing the program with transportation and meals included – all at no cost to families.

Especially given the trying school year that students have endured due to the pandemic, this opportunity is more important than ever to help them continue to learn, form friendships, feel safe and secure, and be able to have fun. Students will participate in continuing education, arts and culture, sports and recreations, health and nutrition, field trips, urban agriculture, and more.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

In March 2020 when things shut down, Inspiring Minds continued to provide program support to our students and families throughout the pandemic, even as we had to cancel two special events and other resources became scarcer, as well as added expenses to make sure students and staff were safe. Despite the challenges, we made it work because our students needed us – more than ever.

Currently, we are limited in how many students we can accept into the program due to funding restraints. We routinely receive more applications than we can accommodate so are always looking for ways to build capacity.

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