Meals on Wheels of New Castle serves the greater New Castle area by providing fresh nutritious food, delivered each weekday right to the client's door. Our clients are mostly homebound and elderly, disabled, or have chronic illness, but we serve any adult in need of nutritional support both long and short term. Our clients are charged a fee for the meals, and that fee is exactly what our expenses are for food and preparation. Meals are delivered by caring volunteers who help clients feel less isolated, and check on the well-being and safety of each individual.

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While the match program for Giving Week is over, the need doesn't end! Please feel to make a gift at any time.

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  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

We offer nutritional support to homebound elderly, disabled or chronically ill residents of the greater New Castle area. Clients who struggle to pay rent, or utilities or the cost of medicine often can't pay for the cost of their meals. We utilize donations to offset the cost of meals, and sponsor clients who have fallen on hardship and are unable to pay for their food. This spring during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic we utilized donations to offer all clients three months of free meals. Anticipating that more clients will struggle financially, and our area will see a worsening of the effects of COVID, donations will be utilized to support our clients by paying for all or part of their meal expenses.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

Any adult, regardless of age, who are homebound, disabled, elderly, or chronically ill and believe themselves to be in need of nutritional support are eligible for meal support. Our meal provider charges us a per-meal fee, regardless of the client's financial challenges. In order to provide financial sponsorship for a struggling client, we need financial support to pay our costs for the meals.