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Since March 1, 1995, Zion Education Center has provided educational opportunities and comprehensive services to underserved families in the Shenango Valley. Our mission is to empower young children to excel beyond their potential and exceed their environments.

WE Believe:

• Preparing the next generation to excel beyond developmental risk factors with high- quality educational interactions is the key to success.

• Providing positive coping mechanisms that foster resilience for underserved students and families will
break generational cycles of poverty, trauma, and despair.

• Promoting excellence through innovative approaches will empower the next generation to transform and rebuild communities.

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Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

Zion Education Center (ZEC) is the only Keystone STAR-4 child care facility in Mercer County that provides the following services free of charge: USDA meals, Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts, Education Improvement Tax Credit scholarships, Infant-Toddler Childcare, school age programs, social services, trauma awareness, and after-school transportation in one location. ZEC provides children with free high-quality early learning services that targets school readiness during the first 2,000 days of life.

Through our Children/Youth Prevention and Empowerment Network (CYPEN), a family
empowerment network was established to educate parents and community stakeholders about
the long-term negative effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences. As a result, eight
crisis response teams were established to address severe pediatric dental needs, speech delays,
depression, parent abandonment, children with incarcerated parents, child mental health
diagnostics, and non-traditional child care needs.
ZEC understands how expensive it can be to offer all of these services to children and their families.

For this reason, we offer financial scholarships and subsidy vouchers. ZEC is also very proud to share that we offer a wide variety of FREE resources to all of our clients to establish trust and build meaningful relationships.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

Our current demand is completing renovations to Zion's Hadden House; scheduled to open September 1, 2022. Without additional funding, the flooring, landscaping, and the porch can not be completed. The Hadden House will offer counseling and mentoring to families who have unmet needs due to traumatic and adverse childhood experiences.

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