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Cadence Care Network, formerly Homes for Kids, is a nonprofit agency focusing on the behavioral and emotional well-being of more-than 1,500 children and teenagers, as well as the treatment and placement of youth in compassionate and qualified foster care homes in a four-county region. To learn more, please visit

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Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

- Peer Support Programming provided by Peer Support Specialist(s) is provided within the context of our Transition Aged Youth Programming. Transition Aged Youth are between 14 and 24.

- The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program provides supports and resources needed for parents and educators to foster the social and emotional development of children ages birth to 5 throughout Trumbull County.

- School Based Prevention Services within 14 Trumbull County School Districts. We seek to hold upwards of 300 classroom presentations next year and impact 25% of County students.

- School Based Social Work allows for the identification of youth in need of addiction or mental health services and provides the vehicle for informing youth of available addiction, mental health, and recovery supports in up to 14 Trumbull County School Districts.

- Grandparent & Kinship Respite

- Cadence Care Coffeehouse. This new facility in downtown Niles will increase job opportunities and programming for historically underserved, vulnerable youth with a mental health illness and youth involved in the juvenile justice system age 15 and older.

- Foster Care: Cadence Care is committed to supporting our foster caregivers. We provide dedicated 24/7 support, initial and ongoing training, daily reimbursement for the care of children, respite, and access to transportation services for the children in care.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every organization with respect to fundraising. Cadence Care typically holds 2-3 fundraising events per year that, on average, raises approximately $50,000 annually. We have been unable to hold those over the past couple of years which has had a significant impact on the organization. Funds generated through these events help sustain programming that service contracts cannot provide for, especially with our at-risk youth population.

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