As Prince of Peace Center, An affiliate of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Erie,| We are witnesses and servants of Jesus Christ. | Our purpose is to provide support | For the economic, emotional and spiritual needs | Of those needing a helping hand to build self-sufficiency. | We affirm the dignity of those in need by | Responding with compassion to their basic human needs through advocacy, education, and empowerment. | Our services are committed | To strengthening families, building community | And reducing poverty | Among people of all races, faiths, ages, and backgrounds

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While the match program for Giving Week is over, the need doesn't end! Please feel to make a gift at any time.

Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

All those entering the grounds– clients, volunteers, staff, and potential donors – should feel welcomed into a safe, dignifying environment where their needs will be met in accordance with our mission. The Grotto is used by the community as a place for reflecting, a spiritual haven, and it needs repair. Our Grotto is in stage one of beautification. Stage two will include repairing and landscaping the surrounding area, so the sense of welcome and safe reflection will become more lasting.

In addition, we currently use the grotto and its surroundings to allow our case managers to meet with clients, and our administrative team to meet with board members or potential donors. In this way we are able to partner with others while limiting possible exposure to COVID-19; it allows us to serve more families throughout the day. As the appearance of this area is a direct reflection of the care we put into living our mission, it needs to feel welcoming, well-tended, and accessible to visitors from all walks of life.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

We are doing all we can to serve our neighbors within the guidelines and restrictions for the state due to COVID-19. Proper cleaning and sanitizing between client visits limist the number of families we can assist each day, as we must always put visitor safety and staff safety first. Meanwhile, we see an increase in families facing rent, utility, and food crises. With the safety of our clients in mind, we are using our outdoor space to hold face to face meetings when possible to minimizing exposure while continuing the level of service our neighbors deserve.