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AMOUNT DONATED: $36,664.81

St. Paul’s is a nonprofit, faith-based senior living community, serving more than 600 older adults daily through a full continuum of care. Services offered include home care, community living, independent living, personal care, memory care, short stay care, rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing.

The mission of St. Paul’s is to provide meaning, richness of life, health care, and other support services, while maintaining and enhancing the dignity of human life. The vision of St. Paul’s is to create a sense of belonging and purpose by providing a nurturing environment in a place you call home.

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Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

Donations to PA OH Gives will benefit St. Paul's Good Samaritan Fund for benevolent care. Benevolent care is provided to residents who exhaust their financial resources and cannot afford to pay for the full cost of their care. The Good Samaritan Fund ensures that no resident ever has to leave St. Paul’s because of financial reasons.

Many older adults discover that their savings are not adequate for their care needs in their retirement years. In fact, 62% of the residents at St. Paul’s in skilled nursing care and 15% of those living in personal care cannot afford to pay the full cost of their care. In 2021, St. Paul's provided $5.8 million in unfunded and benevolent care to residents in need.

For more than 150 years, St. Paul’s has been a lifeline for those who need it the most - first for orphaned children and today for older adults in need of care, regardless of their financial resources. These residents are able to continue to receive the same quality care and services at St. Paul’s because of the support of generous donors.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

The rapid inflation has greatly impacted St. Paul's. The cost of providing care each day has risen 5 - 10%. There has not been a corresponding increase in reimbursement for services from Medicaid (there has been no increase for 10 years in fact!). The majority of the residents in skilled nursing at St. Paul’s are receiving Medicaid. St. Paul's has also had an 11% drop in revenue over last year because we are unable to care for as many residents as usual due to staffing shortages. Donor support is crucial to sustain the Good Samaritan Fund for benevolent care.

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