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Founded in 1911, the Mission exists to meet the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs of hungry, homeless and hurting men, women and children in western Pennsylvania. The Mission is a privately-funded Christian ministry, receiving no federal funding and relying solely on private donations. The Mission is unique as all services are provided based on need rather than ability to pay. Through faith-based programming, our guests and clients often experience an inward change resulting in many experiencing a renewed, transformed life.

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Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

The City Rescue Mission provides services to homeless and hurting men, women and children through the following ministries:

The Men’s Ministry provides emergency shelter, daily meals and case work assistance to men experiencing homelessness, as well as a long term Recovery Program for men who are overcoming life issues such as addiction. The ministry’s Community Feeding Program provides a hot meal every day of the year to any hungry individual in the community.

The Women’s Ministry provides emergency shelter at Hope Place for women and women with children who are experiencing homelessness. Private sleeping rooms, nutritional food, daily devotions, and supportive staff give hurting individuals the stability and safety they desperately need to get their feet back on firm ground.

The Family Care Ministry provides assistance to families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet financially. Clients receive help that includes, but is not limited to, food, personal care items and household products, along with spiritual counseling and prayer. Additionally, assistance is provided for families for back to school supplies, Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gifts.

The Youth Ministry sponsors special events, sports and spiritual programs for children and youth at the Sankey Center.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

As the cost of groceries and gasoline have risen, we have seen an increase in the number of people in our community seeking assistance. Through Careportal, ran out of our Family Care Ministry, the Mission is working with churches and other community agencies to impact the lives of struggling and hurting families in our community by meeting their specific needs. Those needs include but are not limited to food, hygiene products, diapers, formula, furniture, clothing, etc. We will utilize donations to meet the growing needs of those in our community.

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