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Hubbard Friends of the Library's mission is to support Hubbard Public Library (HPL), its new and ongoing programs and activities. HPL evolves continuously to meet changing and unmet needs of this community, including complex challenges presented by the pandemic. Virtual programs, hybrid programs and outdoor programs have been implemented to respond quickly, innovatively and safely to patron and community needs. The need for additional outdoor programs, in particular, is huge. HPL’s new initiative, “Beyond Library Walls” will grow and build upon current outdoor initiatives and resources to serve all members of this community.

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Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

Donations would enable the Library to build upon and add to outdoor programs and resources already available. Recently, for example, in response to patron and community needs for programming in response to the pandemic, HPL has implemented new hybrid and outdoor programs and activities (e.g., Solar Cooker Lending Program, Outdoor Summer Reading Programs for Children, and a Telescope Lending Program). HPL’s “Beyond Library Walls” will grow and build upon current outdoor initiatives and resources to serve all members of this community.

Suggested needed facilities and elements within this broad “Beyond Books, Beyond Library Walls” initiative include: Pebble Harp (to encourage ‘play with a purpose’); Sensory Walk/Sensory path; Outdoor musical instruments (to use and to invite exploration); Life-sized game boards; Outdoor equipment to provide shade (to promote enjoyment of and attendance at outdoor presentations and events); Outdoor seating areas (e.g., mini-amphitheater); Outdoor stage area (e.g., for speakers, presenters); Outdoor table area (for small group meetings and activities); Outdoor access (safe and straightforward) to power; Storage facility; and other supporting equipment and facilities. Donations would provide additional funding to facilitate growth of this “Beyond Library Walls” initiative outdoors in space surrounding the Library building.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

The pandemic impacted HPL and Hubbard Friends of the Library adversely and significantly.

These impacts, including building closure for several months, limited hours of operation, significant budgetary implications, and other challenges, occurred at the same time as did increased demands on library resources for at-home learning, outdoor and hybrid programs and activities, enhanced Wi-Fi and more.

Funds raised from 'PA OH Gives' would enhance development and implementation of HPL’s outdoor initiative “Beyond Library Walls.” These funds will enable development and growth of this unique community resource for well-being, education and learning.

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