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Zion Education Center has a 29-year history in educating and empowering by embracing 3 core values.

1. Preparing the next generation to overcome generational risk factors through social-emotional support.
2. Providing positive coping mechanisms that foster resilience for children and their families that break generational cycles of mental health
3. Promoting high-quality educational approaches that empower and strengthen family values.

These core values comprehensively support the physical the mental health of underserved children in the Shenango Valley.

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Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

Zion Education Center offers a range of impactful programs for young children. Donations will directly benefit these initiatives:

1. PA Pre-K Counts: We provide 30 children, ages 3-5, with free, high-quality pre-kindergarten education, focusing on activities that foster school readiness. These programs ensure that children are well-prepared for their educational journey ahead.

2. Buds of Promise: 10 toddlers receive free, high-quality early learning experiences that nurture their growth and development. This program emphasizes cognitive, emotional, and physical development, setting a strong foundation for future learning.

3. Nali Kali: Our innovative outdoor literacy classroom focuses on a joyful learning experience. Housed outdoors, this classroom accommodates an additional 3 students.

4. Child Nutrition Program: All students at Zion Education Center receive three free meals daily, ensuring they have the necessary nutrition to support their learning and development.

5. Children and Youth Prevention and Empowerment Network: This program is designed to provide a rapid response to reduce the suspension and expulsion rate of preschool students in Mercer County. It aims to support and empower children, ensuring they remain in a positive learning environment.

All donations will help sustain our vital programs and make an impact in the lives of our students.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

Due to rising costs in food, utilities, insurance, and supplies, Zion Education Center has made significant budget adjustments. Inflation has further exacerbated these expenses, placing immense strain on our community collaborations and donors.

Our ability to maintain high-quality programs is at the mercy of our state subsidies, stakeholders, and donors. Despite our best efforts, fundraising shortfalls over the past year have limited our capacity to provide necessary resources for social-emotional support. Without additional funding, we risk reducing supportive services, affecting the emotional development of the children we serve.

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