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The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley is a nonprofit senior living residence offering aging in place accommodations and supportive services for up to 52 older adults. It is a collaborative effort built on the strength of two area health care leaders – UPMC and St. Paul’s Senior Living Community. The mission of The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley is to provide meaning, richness of life and health care services for seniors. The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley provides care that focuses on nurturing the human spirit and creating life worth living while maintaining and enhancing the dignity of human life.

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Giving Week Progress:


  Programs Supported by Your Donations  

Donations to PA OH Gives will be used to purchase a wheelchair-accessible van at The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley. The new wheelchair-accessible van will replace our 1999 Volkswagen van, which can no longer be used to transport residents in wheelchairs. The new van will be utilized to take residents to vital healthcare appointments to improve and maintain their health and well-being. It will also be used to take residents to enjoy off-campus social outings such as going out to eat, shopping, and attending special events. It will help our residents stay socially active, which helps to improve emotional, mental & physical health. Any funds raised over the amount needed to purchase the new wheelchair-accessible van will be used to support the Good Samaritan Fund at The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley. The Good Samaritan Fund supports benevolent care and is provided to residents who exhaust their financial resources and cannot afford the full cost of their care. This program ensures that no resident ever has to leave. The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley because of financial reasons. Last year, The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley provided $111,418 in benevolent and unfunded care, and this number continues to increase.

  Needs that Cannot beMet without Your Help  

The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley has experienced a significant rise in expenses due to inflation over the last several years. Operating and supply costs have increased dramatically. Since the Ridgewood at Shenango Valley is a nonprofit organization we rely on fundraising to support our needs. The new van will enhance residents' access to healthcare appointments, community events, and social outings, ultimately improving their overall quality of life. This will directly benefit the 41 residents at The Ridgewood, as well as their family members who rely on the facility's transportation services. Additionally, the 22 employees of The Ridgewood will benefit from improved efficiency and safety in transporting residents

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